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Our law firm is based on the belief that our clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat clients and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the absolute best result in the industry.

We have added additional, experienced Staff that enable us to get excellent results in Auto Accidents and all areas in which we practice!

Experience- David N. Mabrey

  • David Mabrey spent 20 years as a Baltimore City Prosecutor and brings the most experience you need to get the best results.
  • He has handled hundreds of personal injury cases with excellent results
  • Successfully caused the dismissal of numerous DWI cases in the last two years
  • David has handled (with excellent results):
    • Thousands of Drunk Driving (DUI/DWI) Cases
    • Thousands of Drug Cases from Simple Possession to Drug Sales
    • Hundreds of Domestic Cases
    • Hundreds of Theft Cases
    • Dozens of Jury Trials

Experience- Elizabeth Franzoso- Of Counsel

The Law Offices of David N. Mabrey, P.C. welcomes Elizabeth Franzoso as Of Counsel. Elizabeth Franzoso has been practicing law for over 25 years, after graduating from St. Mary’s College with Political Science degree in 1993 and University of Maryland Law School in 1996 she became a member of the State Bar in 1997. Elizabeth is also a member of the Federal Bar and is barred up to the Supreme Court of the United States. She has the most experience needed to handle your case with an ideal outcome. 

Elizabeth specializes in: 

  •  criminal defense for misdemeanors and felonies
  • post trial criminal issues
  • post convictions
  • criminal appellate issues
  • family law
  • traffic law

She has completed hundreds of cases with outstanding results. Since being in private practice, Elizabeth has handled cases at both state and federal levels with dozens of jury trials and successfully overturned many wrongful convictions. Elizabeth also has abundant experience with sentence modifications, JRA modifications, writ of actual innocence, and 8505’s.

Practice Areas

Big Truck Accidents

When you’re injured in an accident involving a big truck, commercial truck, company vehicle, or 18-wheeler tractor trailer, it is crucial to contact us immediately to preserve evidence and allow us to deal with the insurance companies.

Auto Accidents

When you are injured in a car accident it is crucial to contact us immediately to preserve evidence and allow us to deal with the insurance companies.

Drunk Driving (DUI/DWI)

When you are charged with Drunk Driving it is important to call us immediately. You have less than 2 weeks to make crucial decisions about your driver’s license and the MVA consequences. Call Mr. Mabrey at the office to begin work on your defense. Dave is a very experienced Attorney that has handled thousands of DWI / DUI cases for over 30  years.

Peace Orders/Protective Orders

Whether you are initiating a request for protection or need a defense in a Peace or Protective Order, allow us to guide you through the steps to ensure you receive the desired outcome.

Criminal Defense

 As a former Baltimore City Prosecutor, Mr. Mabrey has extensive jury trial experience with over 30 years of handling thousands of criminal cases including (but not limited to) drug cases, domestic violence cases, theft cases, handgun cases, Burglary cases, Assault and Battery cases, Conspiracy, and many more.

Personal Injury

When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to contact us so that you can hold the party responsible in instances such as, but not limited to: Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents,  Pedestrian Accidents,  Slip and Falls, Dog Bites, and Premise Liability.

Wrongful Death

When you lose a family member due to someone else’s negligence, it may be hard to handle your case in a time that should be reserved for mourning. Allow our firm to take care of your case to ensure there is proper documentation of your family’s financial and emotional damages.

Medical Malpractice/ Birth Defects / Injury / Cerebral Palsy

When you or a loved one have been left with a serious, or potentially lifelong injury resulting from medical malpractice by a Doctor or Nurse, call our firm to ensure you are adequately compensated. These injuries can include neglect, misdiagnosis, medical mistakes that can include mistakes during pregnancy and delivery, and much more.

Products Liability

Have you or a loved one been injured by a defective product? Did a medical device not perform properly and cause you injury? Let our firm investigate and possibly pursue monetary damages on your behalf from the manufacturer.

Traffic Offenses

From simple Speeding citations, to more serious such as Driving without a License or Driving on Suspended/Revoked license, it is important to contact our firm to ensure you have the best outcome of your traffic case. When you are issued traffic tickets you want our firm to protect you from accumulating too many points on your driving record.

MVA Hearings

When your license is being reviewed by the Motor Vehicle Administration, it is best to call our office to ensure you have a proper defense that results in the best possible outcome. Let our firm guide you through your case before the Office of Administrative Hearings.


Whether a loved one dies unexpectedly, or you want to get your affairs in order, it is important to follow the necessary steps to take care of remaining finances. Call our office, who will make this our main priority, so that you may take the time to focus on other important matters.

Power of Attorney/Advance Medical Directive

It’s never too early to obtain Power of Attorney or Advanced Medical Directive paperwork. Our office can assist in creating these documents and tailoring them to your specific needs.

Business Law

Our office can assist in range of your business needs including all commercial transactions, post-judgement work, judgement enforcement, and debt recovery and enforcement. No matter if it is a small or large claim dispute, we can help file a claim or counter-claim. Recovery can include the filing of replevin and detinue actions.

Real Estate Contracts

As a real estate agent for many years, Mr. Mabrey has firsthand experience in the real estate industry and can aid in drafting contracts for real estate needs.

Contract Review/Breach of Contract

When considering a contract, especially commercial contracts, it is important you are aware of every legal issue the contract entails and how said contract should be devised to benefit you or your company. Call our firm so that we can review the contract and advise you the best plan of action.


If your criminal case meets certain conditions, you may qualify to have your records expunged. This can open doors for employment, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Our office can file, coordinate, and monitor your request for expungement.

Employment Discrimination

Do you have any accounts currently in collections? Allow our firm to negotiate on your behalf to create a feasible agreement of repayment.


Do you have any accounts currently in collections? Allow our firm to negotiate on your behalf to create a feasible agreement of repayment.