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Best DUI Lawyer Anne Arundel County MD

Being charged with a drunk driving related offense such as a DUI or DWI in Maryland can come with serious consequences. You may face criminal penalties in the form of fines and imprisonment as well as license sanctions. 

If you’ve received an impaired driving charge such as a DUI or DWI, it’s important to contact an experienced local lawyer like David Mabrey immediately! David Mabrey is an Anne Arundel County attorney who has handled thousands of drunk driving cases in the state of Maryland. He understands what you are going through and can help contest a proposed license suspension and/or provide legal defense against the charge, but only if you act quickly. 

Contact the Law Offices of David Mabrey at 443-848-2878 or send an online request. We’ve also provided helpful information below to answer some of the most common and pressing DUI questions.

Can you beat a DUI?

The short answer is yes, you can beat a DUI. However, success with a drunk driving-related offense can come in multiple forms. 

  1. Beating the case or having it dismissed
  2. Reducing the charges that hold less penalties
  3. Qualifying for “probation before judgment”

If you have been charged with a drunk driving case, especially in a case of innocence, the best case scenario is to have the case dismissed altogether. And yes, it really is possible. Here at the Law Offices of David Mabrey, we have successfully caused the dismissal of numerous DWI cases in the last two years.

The best thing you can do is challenge the office by providing evidence. Evidence to show your innocence or proving the officer unlawfully found ways to charge you with a drunk driving charge. Working with someone like an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the law can help you through this process. 

Experienced DUI Lawyer – Your best defense again a DUI/DWI

The internet is a great place for research but too often do people think the information they find online is enough to fight a DUI case on their own. Many fall victim to misinformation, misunderstanding their rights, and don’t know how to properly handle the case. Even experienced attorneys may not know enough about the specific laws and processes to build an adequate case for dismissal. 

For those who want to maintain their driving privileges and/or fight the drunk driving case, they must understand the deadlines, know how to submit hearing requests, understand laws from the law enforcement perspective, and also know the rights of individuals. 

This is why it is crucial to hire an experienced DUI lawyer.

An experienced drunk driving defense attorney knows the systems, processes, and most importantly the laws governing driving offenses. They will know when a police officer missed an important step in the traffic stop causing the case to be dismissed. When it comes to evidence, they know the information you need to provide and the best way to gather it and present it. If you’re concerned about having a license to get to work or to pick up the kids after school, they also know the process and deadline to contest a proposed license suspension. 

In short, if you want to defend against a drunk driving case, then hiring an experienced attorney is your best bet.

Understanding the types of impaired driving offenses and penalties in Maryland

The penalties faced will be more or less severe based on the type of offense and your past record of offenses. Regardless of whether it’s your first offense or a repeated offense, it’s important to know the penalties you can face 

If you are convicted of an impaired driving offense, you face the possibility of both criminal penalties and MVA – license sanctions.

For More information on Maryland Law Statues follow the below links.

DUI Defense Strategies

Impaired driving convictions can seem set in stone, but there are times when one can successfully defend against DUI convictions or have them dismissed from court. The key is to understand the law, evidence and situations which don’t warrant a conviction. 

For example, there are common mistakes law enforcement can make that contribute to impaired driving cases being dismissed from court. 

In order to defend against your DUI there are two vitally important things to consider. The first is evidence! The second is having an experienced attorney. With the proper evidence, an experienced attorney can confidently defend against DUI and DWI convictions. 

Qualifications for hiring a DUI Lawyer

There are many lawyers who offer DUI legal services but do very little to defend their client or challenge the State’s case. If you want a legitimate lawyer to hire who will provide the best results then look for these qualifications.

  • Active license
  • Experienced with drunk driving related cases
  • Shows success in these and similar cases
  • Has a law office dedicated to providing personal attention to each case

DUIs can be a tough case to defend against especially if there’s evidence against you. This is why experience is a necessity! But in addition to experience, you also want someone who will provide personal attention to the case so that no stone is missed which could cause your case to become a losing one. 

Look for the qualifications above to ensure your attorney has what it takes to get the results you want. And of course, you can consider us here at the Law Offices of David Mabrey who are more than qualified to handle your DUI or DWI case. 

Complimentary Consultation from a Local Maryland Law Firm

Are you feeling worried, overwhelmed or simply confused about a drunk driving-related offense? Then give us a call at 443-848-2878 for a free consultation. During this consultation, we will help you understand information about your case, expectations and next steps. 

Our office is located at 8611 Fort Smallwood Road, Suite C, Pasadena, MD. We are between downtown Pasadena and Riviera Beach. Schedule an appointment and stop in. We also offer online appointments for those who are unable to stop by.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI or DWI don’t wait! The sooner you contact us the better your chances of defending against the case.

Number one lawyer

What’s the Best Law Firm to Work with?

People want the best legal help they can get, unfortunately, most don’t know enough about how law firms work to make the best judgment call. This leaves those who are seeking legal advice to cross their fingers and hope they make the right decision. 

Finding the right attorney is a big deal. Especially when it comes to something like a personal injury case which can put your future well-being and quality of life at stake. 

While it is important to call a lawyer immediately after an incident you should take a few minutes to understand what you will get from the law firm you choose to serve you.

What’s important to you? Things to think about before hiring a lawyer

Choosing the right attorney

Those who seek legal advice are often feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed or are dealing with some mental turmoil. It can be a challenging time. As many go through this time, they want to find someone, anyone, who can help them and don’t take the time to think about what they really need from an attorney. With so many options available and with each law office having its own way of doing things, it’s important to know what you want from a law firm you will be working with.

Here are some common wants and needs among those seeking help from a law firm:

  • An experienced attorney
  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Someone who will educate them on the case and process and keep them in the loop
  • Win at any costs
  • Affordable
  • Local
  • Offers payment plans
  • Speaks a specific language
  • Professional

Everyone has their own needs and wants when it comes to hiring an attorney. However, we’ve found that many want very similar things. They want someone who is going to provide their case with time, attention and dedication. When it comes to interacting with the law firm, they want someone who is going to listen to them and take the time to educate them on the process and where the case is. And at the end of the day they want someone who is going to get them results. 

Once you have an idea of the ideal law firm for your situation, you can begin investigating the best options.

Working with a small law firm

Every city has a number of small local law firms to choose from. These firms tend to be more client-oriented and have the flexibility to dedicate more attention to individual clients where needed. This allows them to put more energy and strategic focus into each case providing efficient case prep and a friendly experience. 

Is a smaller law firm right for you? Let’s dive into the pros and cons.


Their focus and dedication allow them to be more efficient and can settle cases quicker than their larger counterparts.

When it comes to explaining your situation and being educated about your case you will be able to work directly with your attorney. Most importantly, the entire process will be done through an attorney, not a clerk or intern.

Oftentimes working with smaller firms means more affordable rates or more flexible payment options. 


No firm is perfect. While working with a smaller firm means more personal attention and efficiency with your case there is a downside. Because small firms have less staff on hand they may be limited to the number of cases they can work on at a time. 

Working with a large law firm

Some law firms have grown into larger operations housing many lawyers, clerks and interns. These law firms are skilled in their areas of focus but they are required to maintain a high level of efficiency in their operations. 

In order to stay efficient and profitable, these firms generally will take on a large number of cases but will require their clerks and interns to handle much of the case prep. 

This means that instead of working with an actual attorney, most of your case information will be handled by a clerk or an intern and the attorney does not come into the process until later down the road. 

Doing business this way has its advantages but it also has some downsides for those seeking legal help. Is working with a large firm right for you? Let’s find out.


Larger law firms have the ability to invest more resources for complex cases. Bigger or complex cases sometimes require a firm to hire experts and investigators to review a case, conduct depositions and execute discovery which all require time and energy. 

Firms this size will oftentimes have specialists and can have more people reviewing certain cases when needed.


The downside to working with these firms is that most will not have the opportunity to have a relationship with their attorney. Most of the case prep and process is done through a clerk or intern so a client really won’t speak with the actual attorney leading their case until they get down to the nitty-gritty details.

Because large law firms must remain efficient in their operations they may also put small cases on the back burner or turn cases down. 

These firms are sometimes more expensive to work with because of their higher overhead. 

What’s the best type of firm to hire for legal help 

The best law firm for your case comes down to what you need in a lawyer. 

Do you need a larger firm that may be able to handle more complex cases which will likely drag out over large periods of time?

Is your best bet a small local firm that is going to listen to your needs and put the time and energy into your case to ensure a successful outcome in a quicker and more efficient manner?

The choice is yours. Think about the experience you want to have and what you want from your law firm. Then, call until you find a law firm that fits your needs. 

Want an honest conversation about your case?

At the Law Offices of David Mabrey, we take the time to sit with clients to discuss their case and the legal process that will ensue. When a potential client calls, they have the opportunity to speak with the attorney who will actually handle their case. 

So, if you want to have an honest conversation about your case, the process, and the potential outcome with an attorney who will be there with you through the entire process, then give the Law Offices of David Mabrey a call at 443-848-2878. We are a local law firm dedicated to meeting the legal needs of every client who walks through the doors.